As I described in previous post I was fascinated with Roger J. Woolger work in early 1990s and read everything that I could find on the past life subject at that time.

After that, I tried non hypnotic past life regression. The technique was similar for all regressions: laying down in deep relaxed state,therapist guides trough the whole process. Sometimes one pass the door, sometimes one climb the mountain, but the principle is all the same.  In meditative state of mind you enter your unconscious mind and memories from the earliest childhood and beyond. From collective unconscious you retrieve events imprinted  in time and between time.

Those experiences wasn’t traumatic, because the mind sent me those experiences I could handle at the time, according to the level of spiritual developement. Those were  mundane scenes, of somewhat peaceful and  unmemorable lives, somewhere in history of mankind. Sometimes you can’t even determine year or place or country, because most of the people were simple peasants that weren’t able to read or even care about such facts.

discover-your-past-livesBy the middle 1990s I stumbled upon the new approach. It was reversed process in a way. In regression techniques I knew till then , body was still and calm and mind was active.

I found the book Discover Your Past lives by Cassandra Eason. Methods described in this book are personal and to do by yourself, without the guidance of therapist or regressionist. This is a practical guidebook.   Main aim is to develop Past lives diary,  documenting experiences over time and gradually build the story, rather than go trough past life regression. Difference is that in past life regression,one intentionally regress in past life, going trough past life from birth untill death. Sometimes even the time between lives. Some of this experiences can be disturbing if someone remembers events or even part of themselves they are not ready for. We must be aware that some aspects of our self, past and present, can be far from pretty and lovable. We could have done some things in past that are now unimaginable to us. We could have endured some horrific experiences in the past.  Making the past life diary makes the experiences easier to cope with, by experiencing  only the fragments and memories that our conscious mind  can process. The memories that emerge are relevant to  current situations in life and can shed light on everything that is going on. That can help us to resolve some issues or dilemmas. Some memories can even console us in difficult times – it is relief to see that our soul can survive everything .

Some of the methods described in this book are:

  • Spontaneous regression  by walking and visiting places that feel familiar or we fee drawn to
  • Pendulum and psychometry
  • Crystals, stones, candles
  • Dreams
  • Childhood memories
  • Relationships …

More about the author Cassandra Eason:


I think that  the Past life diary is a good way to start the past lives exploration. It is a convenient way to systematize previous experiences, such as earlier memories, childhood memories, dreams and to make a list of familiar places. Bit by bit, piece by piece – whole story and meaning will discover itself. All in its right timing.

Although there are cases of children  speaking foreign language and knowing incredible details from past events, those are rare. Most often in everyday life we get that déjà vu moment or dreams or we just “know” something.

Thus, for istance, I’ve always been drawn to walks trough woods and secluded parts and paths of forest, away from walkers and hikers. But, at the same time, I had  a sense of danger that I could not place. Than, on several occasions I had a vision of hooded men storming up on horses and coming after me. I felt tremendous fear. Later, in one of regression sessions, I remembered the life of an outcast who was killed by the arrow in the shoulder, bled to death alone in the woods. For years in that life I roamed the forest, hiding and feeling safe, thus the familiarity and affection in present life. It is interesting that I developed a strange mannerism to hold that shoulder higher, an old wound being a reminder on choices I made back then and that could relate on my life now.  Incidentally, at the time of regression I was in the stagnant phase of life and was contemplating on quitting the job. I felt great dissatisfaction with the life en general. I just wanted to leave all behind me and just go. In the past life I was a very young soldier, who was thrown to very bloody battle before  completing the military school.  I was terrified and  deserted the camp. With   the group of young soldiers we escaped the massacre. The rest of this short life I spent running and hiding, with a group of deserters, untill I was hunted and killed. In the end of the regression session, I felt the sadness of this meaningless life. Final thoughts before dying were “I shouldn’t have run, I should have stayed and fight.I shoul have been an officer.” The message was very clear to me in present life at that time – so I stayed at the job and worked hard. I took a Pilates class and my shoulder and overall posture came to normal very fast.


This is an example how karma and some issues from the past come back to be resolved. We are here to alow our Soul to develop, evolve and  learn …