Since early childhood I often felt some kind of familiar feeling with places, situations and people. In my puberty déjà vu sensation appeared on daily basis.

First there were vivid dreams, so real and detailed and with knowledge not available to small child. Remember, there was not internet then, movies and tv was somewhat romanticized, not so realistic like nowadays.  Yet, I had dreams of wounded soldiers, severed limbs, explosions and chaos. Horrible visions in innocent mind.

The whole  idea of reincarnation, karma and past lives came to my  attention in my teen years. I clearly remember now the first book that I’ve read on this subject: Other Lives, Other Selves: A Jungian Psychotherapist Discovers Past Lives by Roger J. Woolger.


Suddenly it all had sense. Reading about the experiences, stories and healing of other people resonated with the idea I’ve already known on deeper level.

Roger J. Woolger described the process and mechanism behind it, and he said this is for your healing, whether you believe or not in reincarnation. It works, healing traumas, conditions, blockages. That appealed at me at that time, because I was not yet sure do I accept fully this concept. Because of my westerner upbringing, I was sceptic and rationalist, So I needed some scientific proof. I wanted something tangible,  someone to tell me: here, this is beyond any doubt the answer. Moreover, I wanted my own experience in guided regression, without hypnosis.

For me the most interesting part of process dr. Woolger described was bodywork – how our body keeps memories and feelings in postures, so I became more and more aware of body response to certain situations.

With this forced body postures and repeated sentences, more memories emerged. But those  were only unrelated fragments, that I was not able to connect to any meaningful story. That came years later.

If interested, you can find more about work and techniqe of Roger J. Woolger  here: Deep memory process (DMP)®